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When you think of Arabesque, thoughts of Freedom of Movement, Beautiful Design and Ultimate Style come foremost.

Arabesque was founded over 40 years ago by one family who are still actively involved in the running of the company.

A big WELCOME to Tayluer Amos - Buy Tayluer's Brand Here

"Tayluer Made" Dancewear.

We are very proud to have Tayluer Amos of Dance Mums on board with our team launching her dancewear brand...."Tayluer Made" . Visit the "Tayluer Made Brand" Link on the Left side

We would like to apologise for the delay in the Tayluer Made launch. A copyright issue came to light on the original Tayleur Made Logo. This has now been resolved and an exciting new Trade Mark brand Logo has been confirmed and assured backed fully by Tayluer.
Production is now back underway. Thank you all for your patience .

Manufactured by Arabesque and Designed with Tayluer.
We wish the "Tayluer Made" brand all the success it deserves.

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